Wireless vs. Hardwired Home Security: 3 Situations Where Hardwired Is the Best Choice

older-couple-smiling We are big believers in wireless home security. Don’t let the title of this post mislead you and make you think otherwise. However, although we have touted the benefits of wireless home security systems in the past with our post on 7 reasons for wireless, there are times when a hardwired home security system might [...]

When Waters Rise: Safety Tips for Dealing With Weather-Induced Flooding

iStock-462453821 In our neck of the woods this morning, we awoke to standing water and flood watches on local rivers. Thanks to a dramatic rise in the temperature and a night of relentless rain, we had snow on the ground when we went to bed last night, and flooded fields and roads when we woke this [...]

Winter Weather Keeping Little Ones Inside? Prevent Injuries With Some Extra Home Safety Checks

ldozkqza6wg-daiga-ellaby For many of us in the U.S., February is a time of doldrums due to yucky weather and shorter days. It’s an even bigger challenge when you have little ones at home who have as much energy now as they do in July! Although my two are all grown up now, I remember well the bouncing off [...]