5 Halloween Safety Tips: Make Your Home Safer and Your Kids Too

Halloween has become the second biggest holiday of the year in the U.S., behind only Christmas. Although we obviously enjoy Halloween, however, there are safety tips we should keep in mind whenever a holiday is based around kids walking door to door in the dark. Some of the obvious ones you already know, like don’t [...]

Who Needs a Home Security System? Probably You!

Have you ever been driving through your neighborhood, noticed a home security sign poked into the ground in the front lawn, and thought, “Yeah, I should probably look into that too”? But then you never get around to it, right? Because real life calls, and you’re busy with work, kids, tasks and everything else on [...]

October’s the Time to Make Sure Your House Is Well Lit, Inside and Out

As so often happens, summer flew by and fall is suddenly here. With it come shorter days and longer nights–nights that will get longer as December approaches. Before you know it, many of us will be leaving and coming home while it’s still dark, off to work or school or other tasks. The evening dusk [...]