Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure Throughout the Holidays

“It’s the holiday season,” sings Andy Williams, and indeed it is! During the hectic weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we busy Americans might get stressed, but we do also try hard to be of good cheer! And keeping our homes safe and sound is one way to keep our holidays happy despite the busy-ness and [...]

Christmas Tree Safety: 6 Tips for a Tree That Stays Fresh

After years of fake trees, Americans are turning back to live Christmas trees once again, which is good news both for tree farmers and for those of us who simply can’t live without the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree filling the house. Live trees aren’t all rainbows and kittens, however. Live trees do [...]

Giving the Gift of Road Safety and Maternal Peace of Mind

It’s the holiday season, and that means gift buying galore. Some people (like my mom) love to shop all day. Others (like me) would rather spend a few hours at the dentist. That means I try to think outside the gift box at this time of year, in order to avoid the malls and shopping [...]