Traveling Teens: Ways to Keep Your College Kid Safe When Coming Home for the Holidays

Although you’ve sent your child off to college, that doesn’t yet make him or her a full-fledged adult ready to take on all the responsibilities that come with age. They might be doing well enough to keep up with their studies and keep their dorm room decent, but they haven’t necessarily mastered commonsense. And that [...]

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Those on the Road or in the Kitchen

The holidays are upon us, ready or not! And as with every holiday, there are special safety concerns that you should consider specific to this holiday. Since so many people are either traveling or cooking during this busy weekend, we’ve summed up some of the best Thanksgiving safety tips below, covering both the travelers and [...]

Security at Your Fingertips: Keeping Passwords and PIN Codes Safe

Security at your fingertips…what do we mean by that title? Actually, we mean literally that, keeping in mind security when using your fingers to type in passwords and PIN codes, whether on the payment machine at the grocery store or the keypad for your home entry system. Passwords and PIN codes and usernames, oh my! I [...]