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A fulfilling career means different things to different people. For some, it’s the opportunity to do extraordinary work or to develop challenging new skill sets. For others, it’s the ability to find a career that is rewarding and challenging while taking on growing levels of responsibility and leadership.

However you define your professional goals, at SafeStreets you have the opportunity to achieve them, because we are as passionate about our employees as we are about our mission and customers. And we are as forward-thinking about our professional development as we are about our world-class products we sell and install. Check out what we can offer you.

SafeStreetsUSA offers a variety of employment opportunities for those interested in careers in the security alarm industry.

Please review this career site to learn more about our company, philosophy and positions currently available.


“High energy and supportive environment. I’ve become a better person and employee working here at Safe Streets and look forward to coming to work each day!!!!”

“Great environment to work in with excellent managers who give you all the tools needed to succeed and the company has a very competitive pay structure. Great hours and fun co-workers who help to build each other up.”

“Safe Streets USA is a friendly, professional and organized company. This job is a career changing opportunity financially.”

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Customer Reviews

I feel so much better knowing my family is protected! I spoke with SafeStreets USA in the evening and a technician was able to come install the system for me then for my parents first thing the next morning. Very impressed with his knowledge and care!


We had our ADT system installed by SafeStreets USA and were really impressed with the service we received from our technician. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions on the system and how it worked. He set everything up in a couple of hours and was a real pleasure to talk with []

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