We believe the most valuable partnership we have is with our team members. We work hard every day to provide them an opportunity to be successful and they work hard every day to take advantage of that opportunity. What can you expect:

  • To be presented with challenges and expectations will be clear
  • To be praised for your accomplishments
  • To be held to the highest degree of integrity
  • To be rewarded for superior performance
  • To be treated with respect.

Our ability to attract, develop and retain individuals who remain committed to the company is apparent by our over twenty years of growth and success. We grew to become one of the largest providers of residential security installations in the nation using solid strategies and dedicated people. Many of those individuals started in entry level positions

Along the way strategies have changed, new courses have been set and our goals increased but we have never lost sight of our core values;

  • Integrity in our personal and business life
  • Commitment to learn and to grow as individuals
  • Desire to be the best at what we do

In order to be the best, we continue to have to employ the best. We also have to provide the tools necessary for them to get the job done. Training, technology and process management provide the support necessary for team members to achieve their goals.

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Customer Reviews

I feel so much better knowing my family is protected! I spoke with SafeStreets USA in the evening and a technician was able to come install the system for me then for my parents first thing the next morning. Very impressed with his knowledge and care!


We had our ADT system installed by SafeStreets USA and were really impressed with the service we received from our technician. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions on the system and how it worked. He set everything up in a couple of hours and was a real pleasure to talk with []

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