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Our Top 8 Home Security and Automation Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year again! That time when predictions are all over, from what will be the year’s most popular color to what will happen on Wall Street.

Over here in the world of home security, our predictions are a bit more pedestrian as we look into our crystal ball and think about what 2017 might bring about for homeowners like you and me.

We took a look at what pundits are saying, threw out the outrageous, and focused on those predictions that make the most sense for those of us who care about home security issues. Here are our top eight:

Prediction 1: Home automation will become more popular and widespread for controlling thermostats, lighting and even entertainment systems.

Home security systems have been evolving into home automation systems for a while now and will continue to do so in 2017, getting even more popular with the older generations—as opposed to being gimmicky and appealing only to the younger ones.

Prediction 2: Home security will get more comprehensive as homeowners choose to have more features. 

Our second prediction stems from the first one. As 2017 gets underway, customers will want even more of the additional features that are now available with home security and automation systems, like video surveillance on your smart phone, speaking to someone at your front door even when you’re not home, climate control and much more.

Prediction 3: Smart home technology will become commonplace, no longer seen as something for the geeky younger crowd.

When “smart homes” were first a thing, it was the techies and the young ‘uns who went for it first, but now smart home technology, like everything described in the first two predictions, will simply become what we’re used to—the new normal.

Prediction 4: Wireless will continue to be the first choice. 

Homeowners can choose between hard-wired and wireless home security systems. Wireless is a popular choice because it is flexible and doesn’t require drilling holes nor running wires. As more and more homeowners upgrade their systems or move and leave the hard-wired home security system behind, wireless will be the obvious choice.

Prediction 5: Video technology will become more commonplace in home security, including video doorbells. 

Yes, video doorbells so that when someone rings the doorbell and you’re not home, you can still see them and communicate with them. In addition, wireless video cameras that can go just about anywhere, indoors or out, are getting more common.

Prediction 6: Self-monitoring by homeowners will become commonplace. 

Although your home security system will come with monitoring by the vendor you’re buying from, homeowners get real peace of mind by monitoring their homes, family and properties themselves. Doing so from a smart phone will get even easier to do in 2017.

Prediction 7: Home security devices will get smarter, smaller and more efficient. 

Have you see how tiny the video surveillance cameras are now? That trend toward small—and therefore hidden—will continue.

Prediction 8: Voice control will become more common. 

Voice control is the ultimate in ease of use. By the end of 2017, you should be used to telling your home automation system what to do—so much so, you might forget which buttons to push if you don’t use your voice!

If you’re shopping for a home security or home automation system, keep these trends in mind. You’re investing in your family’s safety and your peace of mind. Make sure that investment is keeping up with the trends.

6 New Year’s Eve Safety Tips to Keep You Out of Harm’s Way as You Ring in 2016

There is just something about closing out an old year and ringing in a new one, with the excitement of resolutions made and hopes renewed! The joy we experience on New Year’s Eve, however, shouldn’t get in the way of staying safe while celebrating the ringing in of the new. To keep you safe and sound on this last day of 2015, we have six safety tips for you and yours—commonsense reminders that apply always but most especially on this night…

Eating as a safety tip?? Yep! Because chances are that most people heading out to ring in the New Year are going to imbibe, and you’ll be better off imbibing on a full stomach. You might be too nervous or rushed for a meal, but that doesn’t negate that fact that eating before drinking is one smart safety tip!

And speaking of drinking, we can’t say enough about having a designated driver. You absolutely positively should not be driving on New Year’s Eve if you have been drinking, even if you only have one or two drinks. But also keep in mind that drinking makes people vulnerable—men and women both. For that reason, you really need to consume with caution so you’re not setting yourself up for bad choices, trusting people or situations that you normally wouldn’t.

There are two sides to the driving safety on New Year’s Eve. You should not be driving if drinking, obviously. And if you are the designated driver, be extra vigilant while on the roads, watching out for those who are less responsible and driving while intoxicated. Be on the lookout for drivers who are swerving, driving erratically, or slowing down and speeding up without reason. Keep your distance from those cars! To minimize your risk, try not to drive during the peak times, like right after midnight, or when the bars close. If you can hang out sipping coffee for a while before heading home, try to do so.

Going out in public
Whether you’re headed to a bar or a gathering spot to watch the ball drop, be wary when in crowds. When you’re getting pushed around and jostled, it’s easy to get your purse or wallet stolen. Also, there is safety in numbers. Don’t go out alone, and even two might be too few to be safe. Try to be part of a group if you can.

And even when in a group of people, keep your phone with you and fully charged. If you’re somewhere loud and you won’t hear your phone ring or chime, check it regularly throughout the night. Also make sure people know where you are at all times and that you know where they are, whether these are the friends you’re with or family members back home. When in a crowded situation, you can easily get separated. Which is also why we also suggest you…

…have a backup plan
If there’s a chance you will get separated from your friends (and there is usually a chance of that on New Year’s Eve), have a set meeting place and time so you can reconnect at some point during the evening. Obviously, you won’t want to schedule this for 11:55 p.m., so think that through.

The new year is almost here, our chance to take on those tasks and revisit those resolutions that somehow didn’t come to fruition during the past 12 months. That is exciting! But while everyone wants to get the New Year off to a great start, yours will be much better from the start if you’re safe and sound while welcoming that first day of January and 2016!

Wishing you and yours a safe and sound New Year!

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