4 Tips for Safer Road Trips This Summer

alejandro-salinas-189861 It’s almost summer, and that means people are hitting the road for their summer vacations. Which also means more risks for you, if you’re one of the millions planning a summer road trip. You’ll be sharing that road with a lot more traffic once summer travel starts, so be safe and stay safe with these [...]

Celebrating Our 1 Millionth Customer and Looking Forward to 1 Million More

CFO Scott MacArthur presents the 1 millionth customer plaque to Elizabeth Kelly. On June 15, 2017, we recognized our 1 millionth customer with a ceremony at our Garner, NC office. During the meeting, SafeStreetsUSA CFO Scott MacArthur gave customer Elizabeth Kelly a plaque recognizing her as the 1 millionth customer as well at $1,346 – the cash equivalent of 1 million minutes of monitoring. SafeStreetsUSA is an [...]

Home Information Security Is Every Bit as Critical as Physical Home Security!

pexels-photo The more technology we have in our daily lives, the more vulnerable we are to dangers that result from that technology. And with kids packing around iPhones, tablets and laptops that they use unsupervised, the risk level can increase dramatically. When you or your loved ones fall victim to malicious behavior via the Internet, any [...]