Making Your Home Safe for Kids

Maybe you’re expecting an addition to your family sometime soon. That’s great, and congratulations! Or maybe you’re expecting family members to come stay for the weekend, and you need to make some quick adjustments to make the home suitable for the kids. There are a few things you’ll want to consider before both of these [...]

The 3 Most Common Ways Burglars Break In—and Ways to Thwart Them

Home burglaries are a fact of life. In fact, a home burglary occurs about every 13 seconds in the U.S. You have no way to guarantee your home won’t be one of those burglarized, but you do have plenty of ways to decrease the chances of it happening to you. You can start by understanding [...]

Wary of Winter Driving? You Should Be! Here’s Help…

Although our part of the country is going through an extremely mild winter (as in little snowpack which will probably lead to water issues this summer), other parts of the country are getting the usual blasts of arctic air and bouts of heavy snowfall. Since winter weather has to be extreme to get people to [...]