4 Ways a Home Automation System Can Help You Enjoy Summer More

With summer in full swing, we were thinking about all the ways a home automation system can help to keep summer time an easy time. Here’s our list of the top four ways a home automation system can help you get the most out of your summer. Temperature control During the cold winter months, a [...]

Even Easier Home Automation? Introducing Alexa Integration With ADT

With home automation and security systems like that offered by ADT, homeowners can already remotely manage features such as setting alarms and locking doors, as well as automate household functions such as temperature and lighting. But now you can do even more, because ADT and Amazon’s Alexa can work together, giving you voice control over [...]

Review These 4 Pool Safety Reminders Before the Kids Start Splashing

Summer is officially here at last! If your kids haven’t been splashing around in pool water yet, chances are they soon will be. And as part of our ongoing effort to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure, we offer four crucial reminders about pool safety. Just remember to review them before the [...]