3 Ways to Make Your Home More Safe and Secure When Remodeling

iStock-522558862 Spring and summer are popular times to take on home remodeling projects because the days are longer and the weather is generally better and more predictable. If you’re one of those many Americans who will be taking on that kind of a project as weather warms up, keep these X home security and safety considerations [...]

When Likes Lead to Liability: The Dangers of Like-Farming on Facebook

thomas-lefebvre-3950 Imagine you’re scrolling along, scanning your newsfeed in Facebook and willy nilly liking things you see—not liking as in thinking, “Oh, I like that,” but liking as in clicking the “Like” button. That seems like a harmless activity, right? And it should be. But it’s not. As with most things in this world, Facebook “Likes” [...]

Critical Steps to Take to Protect Yourself Following a Data Breach

writing-notes-idea-conference I recently came across frightening statistics on data breaches while doing research for an article. Major data breaches in recent years have been far more frequent and severe than I’d realized. Which got me wondering, what’s a consumer supposed to do after the fact when a major company gets hacked and our information is compromised? [...]