Resolve to Be Better About Safety and Security in 2015

Safety and security: Those are two things every human wants and even craves, yet do we do all within our power to ensure the safety and security of ourselves and our families? Probably not. So maybe as this New Year kicks off, we should consider some habits we could develop this year to increase the [...]

Give the Gift of Security: Give a Home Security System to the Family Just Starting Out

Young families just starting out have a tough go of it. They’re often juggling babies and small children in addition to a new mortgage and fledging careers. In that busy time of life, many things get neglected, things like being able to keep your car clean and even being able to keep your home safe. [...]

Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure Throughout the Holidays

“It’s the holiday season,” sings Andy Williams, and indeed it is! During the hectic weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we busy Americans might get stressed, but we do also try hard to be of good cheer! And keeping our homes safe and sound is one way to keep our holidays happy despite the busy-ness and [...]