5 Ways to Think Like a Burglar in Order to Deter One

A burglar takes more than your stuff when he breaks in. He takes your peace of mind. He robs you of your sense of security in your own home. Once you’ve had your very own property violated in that way, you’ll never feel as safe again. You might get a new TV or a new [...]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Although we're already into August, because summers seem to fly by, there’s still a lot of summer left—and that means a lot of vacations yet to take. Whether you're planning to be gone for a weekend or for a week (or more!), you can truly relax during your time away if you're confident your home is safe in your absence. For a truly restful vacation, follow these 7 tips. Note, however, that most of these things need to be done ahead of time, and by that we don't mean the day before.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Offers Priceless Peace of Mind for Parents

You can’t always be there to keep an eye on your kids. Even though you become a parent, chances are you also have a job or meetings or chores to do. You simply can’t be there all of the time to keep them safe. And that’s okay! In fact, sometimes being away from the watchful [...]